Learn How To:
  • Rewrite your money story and give yourself a raise
  •  Sell... Without selling out
  • Take the LIVE & Virtual Stage
  • ​Share your unique message with clarity
  • ​Find your ideal clients & have more conversations that end with "YES!"
Learn How To:
  • Rewrite your money story and give yourself a raise
  •  Sell... Without selling out
  • Take the LIVE & Virtual Stage
  • ​Share your unique message with clarity
  • ​Find your ideal clients & have more conversations that end with "YES!"
Women Rocking
Business Book
Women Rocking Business Book
Women Rocking Business is a #1 best-selling Hay House book written by Sage Lavine. It’s the ultimate guide for creating a thriving life and doing work you love. In this book, you’ll learn how to…  
  • Embrace your speaker superpower to rock the stage
  • Share your message & your unique “why” with clarity and confidence
  • Identify your unique gift to the world and embrace the difference only you can make
  • ​Rewrite your money story & give yourself a raise
  • ​Find your referral partners & create high engagement communities
  • ​Implement Sage’s proven 12-step framework for building your business the women’s way
  • ​Sell...without selling out and lead business from a place of alignment with your values
  • ​Fill your pipeline with paying clients who can benefit from your special offerings
BONUS #1: Make Money with Your Message Training
BONUS #1: Make Money with Your Message Training
Normally Valued at Over $997
Sage’s Make Money with Your Message training features five easy steps to craft your message, sell authentically to your clients and earn more money. You’ll discover…    
  • How to craft your message with clarity so endless clients will pay you
  • A proven, heart-based method for identifying the group of people who can most benefit from the unique gift you have to offer
  • Sage’s 10-step system for creating marketing materials, selling out your programs and services and rocking your business - the feminine way
  • ​How to answer the question, “What do you do?” in a way that lets you achieve inner alignment AND truly excite the people who are hiring you
  • ​The formula for choosing and committing to an evolutionary niche as demonstrated by Claire Zammit, author SARK, Marci Shimoff, Rikka Zimmerman, Sage Lavine and more
BONUS #2: Your Financial Freedom Calendar
BONUS #2: Your Financial Freedom Calendar
Normally Valued at $97
Sage’s Financial Freedom Calendar is your easy-to-implement guide for working less while still earning amazing money. This signature blueprint helps you…
  • Work twelve days a month (or less)
  • Customize your business leader calendar with Sage’s downloadable template
  • Achieve the flexibility and freedom you need to run your business & take plenty of time for YOU
BONUS #3: 1 DISCOUNT Ticket to Rock Your Online Sales Virtual Event
BONUS #3: 1 DISCOUNT Ticket to Rock Your Online Sales Virtual Event
Normally Valued at Over $997
Learn Sage’s system for Authentic Sales the Women’s Way, so you can always enroll the clients you want online & fill group programs!
  • Discover 3 “Done-for-You” launch plans & customize yours to build your business
  • Develop your 90-Day Plan to host, lead & monetize your own Virtual Events
  • Experience YOUR ultimate Money Mindset Breakthrough so you can stand in your value & give yourself a RAISE
  • ​Get 3 Hustle-Free Secrets to create Recurring Revenue & Financial Feminine Freedom
  • Collaborate with women from around the world & meet referral partners during our daily networking sessions
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Sage Lavine is pioneering the women’s business movement, making a compelling case for bringing feminine values of sustainability, generosity, spiritual fulfillment, and social and environmental awareness into the business realm as a way of creating entrepreneurial ventures that are both lucrative and aligned with the balance humanity is longing for and in need of.

Marci Shimoff
Bestselling Author
Chris Stroud
PGA TOUR 2006 – 2012
Sage’s entrepreneurial plans and tools help women navigate the sometimes tricky waters of building a business while keeping their hearts and spirits intact and aligned. Since working with Sage, I’ve added 100,000 people to my list and brought in about $3.5 million in revenue. Sage is the real deal and will support any woman with a burning mission to take the magical carpet ride of success… the woman’s way.
Susan Peirce Thompson
Bright Line Eating
Thank you to Sage and the Women Rocking Business Team. Thank you for creating the universal tools to support women everywhere to launch businesses that change the world.

Rev. Deborah Johnson
Inner Light Ministries
Chris Stroud
PGA TOUR 2006 – 2012
Sage is brilliant at supporting women speakers & messengers. She helps women entrepreneurs get their gifts effectively OUT into the world at a time when the world SO needs us. Thank you Sage for being a bold stand for changing the way the world does business!
Lisa Nichols
Motivating the Masses
Lavine's work brings solid business practices together with current trends that you would find in Harvard Business Review, but even better, she integrates the human element of business - joy, hope, love - along with a good dose of spirit and magic. Her female perspective is refreshing, and her deep commitment to her clients comes through in her pages with case studies and examples of past clients who are walking the path readers hope to take.

- Alexis K.
With amazing insight on how to truly connect with people and make the difference in the world that you are meant to make, Sage offers clear and easy to follow solutions to build your business and gain financial freedom. I listened to the audio version while driving in my car to client appointments. Her voice and stories, along with her practical advice and printable templates, have given me incredible confidence and tools to build my coaching business. I have already doubled my income in 6 months!
- Ann G.
I really loved this book. This is an in-depth thoughtful and fascinating book where the author marries personal growth with business, yes, it is all about how to authentically share your gifts with the world and how to get paid for it, well! Sage is an amazing mentor and teacher, I joined one of her training courses shortly after reading this book, and I couldn't be more impressed on all levels. A must read for anyone who wants to do something wonderful in the world, and remain true to their highest values!
- Melissa C.
Sage Lavine's book is a must have for any woman who is truly looking to start a business or already has a business but wants to make it even better. She writes as though she's one of your best friends and makes you feel comfortable right away... and that she can be trusted by what she shares with her own story. I love it and I am grateful for this book!
- Lisa B.
Listening and reading this book has put fire back in my belly, and the motivation and belief in myself to do what ever I want even at 66, and after being out of the business world for the ten years I cared for my husband who died of Ahlzeimers last October. It’s been a hard year but this book is helping me remember myself and my abilities!
- Ruth C.
Sage has done a beautiful job of not just offering up her system of business from a feminine perspective, she takes us through exercises to practice what we learn. This isn't just a book to's also a workbook that can be utilized right away. Thank you, Sage, for writing this book and being such an inspiration to women all over the world!
- Katie K.




Sage Lavine is the founder & CEO of Women Rocking Business, a training company reaching over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the world, and the #1 best-selling Hay House author of Women Rocking Business.

As a notable women’s empowerment speaker and coach, Sage has delivered business-building training across global platforms, including the TedX stage, and inside her comprehensive programs that serve thousands of women entrepreneurs annually.

Sage believes in purpose-based business. She has fundraised over a million dollars for humanitarian projects, focusing on empowering girls and women in developing countries and promoting a healthy environment. She is also an active advocate for closing the gender pay gap.
  • BONUS #1: Make Money with Your Message Training ($997 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Your Financial Freedom Calendar ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #3: 1 DISCOUNT Ticket to Rock Your Online Sales Virtual Event ($997 Value)

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